28 June 2006

Welcome to My World

Hi! My name is Izzie. I was originally given the name Iseaha, but my new mommy thought Izzie was a cuter name for someone as cute as me. I've only lived with my new mommy for 3 days now, but I've already taught her a lot!

The first thing I noticed, though, was that she kept insisting I squat outside, and not inside this comfortable home (I know, I'm a boy, but squatting helps me keep my balance better than standing on only 3 legs). Anyway, it's so comfortable in here that it's much easier than having to go outside first. I mean REALLY! This is Tucson, and it's June, and it's HOT out there, and cool in here. I noticed that SHE doesn't go outside when SHE has to ... well, you know.

But I do have to admit, it does get rather stinky in here. And if it makes mommy happy for me to go do my thing outside, I guess I could at least try.

I think mommy's rather proud of me overall, though. The first few times she took me outside, she had to carry me up and down the stairs, because I was afraid of them. Hey, I couldn't help it! I was in a new, unknown place and besides, those stairs are STEEP. By the end of the first day though, she figured out that if she puts a treat in front of me on the way up, I'll go (I don't need the treat to go up them now, though). However, it took me until Sunday night before I'd go down them. On the way up I can see where I'll end up. On the way down, though, it's harder to see where I'll land. But mommy did the smart thing on Sunday night by carrying me only halfway down and putting me on the fourth step. That way I could see where I'd end up and now I go down by myself too.

Today mommy brought home this really weird contraption:It blocks me from the comfortable, carpeted area and keeps me in the ugly linoleumed area. But don't worry, she knows that I love to lie down in this room anyway; it's cooler. And like I said, when you're in Tucson and it's June, cool is, well, way cool. I think I'm going to like this set up for another reason, too: Now that I'm beginning to squat less in the house, she keeps me out with her more often and puts me in the crate less often. And I think that's way cool, too! Though i do like the crate, it gets lonely when you're there all night and off and on all day.
Well, that's enough for today. I hope you enjoy my take on the world. Here's some more pictures to get you more acquainted with me!
The one on the left was taken right after I had a bath. Mommy really wanted to put gel on my fur to make it all spiky, but thankfully she knew the alcohol in the gel wouldn't be good for my skin. This last one I am exploring my favorite place: the kitchen.


At 6:23 PM, Blogger Donna & Joe said...


You're a real cutie pie and I think you're going to really like your new home. You mommy has been wanting a furry friend for a long time now and I know she has lots of love to give.

Take care and try not to have too many accidents in the house!


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