06 January 2007

Look Ma, No Leash!

Get a load of this! I'm in the park without a leash! Or am I? Yes, there's definitely no leash attached to me. But wait! I'm not at the park! I'm in my own back yard! Which is fenced in, which is why I don't need to have a leash on!

I've had a whirlwind of activity over the past few weeks. One day there were a couple of people coming in and out of mama and my apartment, taking things out until it was empty! Then they put everything into a new place that looked like this:

Then the next day mama took me on a long car ride and we spent some time in a different house ... with a CAT! I was actually okay with the cat, but she seemed a little leery of me. But she got used to me and we never did come to blows! Which is good, because Leah really is a sweetie.

When we came home, mama took me back to the same house again and this time, we stayed. She's so proud of me because I've only had one accident in the new house! And that was because she wasn't paying attention to me when I was sitting by the door.

Here are some pictures of the new place.

The last picture doesn't do the mountains justice at all. But we do have a nice glimpse of them from the street and even from our back yard!


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