29 June 2006

She Just Doesn't Get It

My poor mommy. Everyday this week she's gone out to get something for me. She had some treats for me that I like, but they are rather big and crunchy and it's hard for me to eat them unless she cuts them in half. I think she got tired of cutting them because I haven't had any of those in a while. Then she bought be some Snausages. I do like those, but they still have to be cut in half for me. On Tuesday she took out the whole container and cut them all at one time! She's so smart! Slow, but smart. Then she forgot Murphy's Law and bought me some Pup Corn. I guess she thought since they were cheese flavored and I love cheese, that I'd love them, too. She found something that worked and promptly did something else!

Then she took me to the vet who finally told her that changing my diet wasn't the best idea. I think when she used to have dogs they could change their food without ill effect, but I can't. I need consistency, even with the type of food I eat.

She's spent way too much money trying to find something to put on the bottom of my kennel. First she tied this big furry-ish blanket folded up. But I just dug it up and layed on the plastic bottom. Then she tried the towel she used to dry me off after my bath. I just dug it up and layed on the plastic bottom. At least she'd waited until the towel was dry before trying to force me to lay down on it. Then yesterday she bought this furry, sheepskin thing. You guessed it; I just dug it up and layed on the plastic bottom. Though I did try to eat this one.

Guess what she came home with today?

Some carpet thingie with a backing on it. On first try it was hard to dig up. We'll just see about this tonight!

I surprised mommy today, too. We were playing in the living room when I stopped and went to the door. When she took me outside, I actually went potty. I thought she was going to cry, she was so happy! I have no clue why my going to the door made her so happy, but maybe I'll try it again later.

Speaking of playing, we had lots of fun playing today. I chased toys around, ran around the room, and even jumped over the coffee table. I don't think mommy was too happy when I knocked everything off it! But she didn't punish me. She knows I am just a dog who wants to play.

I know she's waiting for the day when I stop freezing up everytime someone comes within 20 yards of us while we're walking. I'm sure I will one of these days, when I keep seeing the same people over and over again.

Well, here are a few more pictures mommy took today. It was really a pain; we'd walked all the way down the sidewalk to the end and I layed down against the curb. She then decided we needed to go back and get that contraption she uses to make these pictures. I showed her, though: I didn't lay down against the curb the same way when we got back!

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By the way, did you know that often when you click on a picture you get a new window with a bigger picture? Since I'm a black dog, this can help you see me better.


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