22 August 2006

Something Weird This Week Happened

Yesterday started off as any normal day. We woke up. Mommy took me outside. Mommy fed me breakfast. But instead of her eating at the same time, she took a shower. The she got all gussied up. Then she finally ate breakfast. Then we went to the park. When we got home, mommy checked email and the normal stuff. Then she changed into some nice clothes, put me in my kennel, turned the radio on, gave me some toys and some water, and ... left.

She sometimes does that. But today she was gone ALL DAY! She's never done that before (well except for the time she left me with Vito and Specs but this time no one was with me). When she came home she was so excited to see me. And me her! It was cool outside since it'd rained earlier so she took me to the park again for a long time. I played and played!

Today she did pretty much the same thing, though we couldn't go for a walk this morning because it was raining, and it was too hot this evening to go, too. But she did give me a bath to help me cool off. She kept saying something about me being such a good boy while she's at work.


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