11 August 2006

Hide and Seek

Earlier mommy started going from room to room looking for something. First, she looked in the dining room.

Then she loooked on the couch.

Then, the bedroom.Finally it dawned on me: She was looking in all of my favorite places to be! She was looking for ME! All she had to do is look at my newest favorite spot:

I like it better when the chair is up near the computer desk, but mommy's learned not to leave the chair without pulling it away from the desk first (she tends to eat there, so I like to look for crumbs. Or paper. Or pencils, or ... well, you get the idea). Speaking of ideas, mommy warned be to beware of things to come:

Anybody care to guess what she's talking about? All I know is that she was looking at the tv when she said it!


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