12 November 2006

Game Day

It's Game Day on TV and in my own living room! Mama's watching football while also playing with me! Just look at all the toys I have! Mama said I'd have a ton more toys if I wasn't such a destructive chewer! I can tear apart a stuffed toy in minutes. That wouldn't be so bad, says mama, if I didn't EAT the stuffing! But I have lots of fun with the more sturdy toys, too.

The toy on the right -- the green one with the multi-colored slots -- is a fun one! Mama puts kibbles of my food in the 4 slots and I get to dig them out!

And these last two are just pictures of me sitting pretty as I waited to start playing! Mama is so proud of my coat. She says it's twice as shiny as it was when she first got me!


At 10:46 AM, Anonymous Jennifer said...

I love those pictures of you. You are sure a handsome boy !


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