14 October 2006


I had a lousy couple of days! Thursday morning I wasn't feeling too well, and threw up. It's not good that I throw up, but it's not so unusual for me to go through a bout of tummy upset once in a while. But today, something really made me feel bad, and I could only run in my crate and whimper. Mommy was right on top of it though, and after I threw up once more she rushed me to the vet ER. I never whimper, and she told the doc that my eyes when I was in the crate looked like a deer caught in the headlights. I think that means I looked scared.

Anyway, bloodwork showed I was okay but working towards dehydration (I was still in normal range for hydration, but working downward). However, the vet felt some kind of lump in my tummy and an xray showed a screw in my gut and some other thing that the vet said was probably the lump she felt. She couldn't tell what it was, though. The big question was whether the screw was working its way out or not. The vet said the best way to tell would be to keep me there about 2 nights with IV fluids and then do another xray to see if it moved. Which is what mommy chose before considering surgery.

So I got to stay there while mommy got to go home. Life is so unfair. The next night she came to visit me and I was happy to see her, though I was still kinda mad, too. I started chewing on the IV set up in my leg and the vet was flabbergasted because I hadn't done that the whole time. Anyway, the new xray showed that the screw did move down towards the colon so this vet, the one who saw me when I was there a few weeks ago, said she didn't feel nor see any other lump or mass and let mommy take me home! They gave me new food for a bland diet, and told mommy to watch for the screw to come out. I did poop at home. Mommy said it was a gooey mess but there wasn't any screw. So we wait. Meanwhile, mommy made me sleep in the crate last night to keep me calm, but she said the doc said it was okay to return to normal activity today! YAY.

I'm worried about mommy though. She keeps muttering something like "there went the next five months' budget". Oh well.


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