20 January 2007

Public Game of Tag

Mama saw this post on our friend Donna's website and decided to have me fill one out. Since I can't type, I told her what to say ;).

ABC's of me...
A - available or taken: Taken, by my mama, who wants to be taken!

B- best friend: Mama. And all of her best friends, which she can't choose between.
C- cake or pie:
I can't have anything but my prescription hypoallergenic food :(
D- drink of choice: Water. Oh that strawberry shake I wasn't supposed to have was pretty good!
E-essential item you use everyday: the back yard!
F-favorite color: Black, of course. Though mama tried to get me to say maroon-ish and dark green ...
G-gummy bears or worms: No self-respecting dog would choose worms.

H-hometown: Tucson Az. Mama said she'd love to take me to her hometown of Niagara Falls, NY. She thinks I'd love the snow!
I-indulgence: Haircut at a real salon. Odd, mama said that was hers too.
J-January or February: January since that's when mama was born!
K-kid's names: Someone made sure I couldn't have any!
L-life incomplete without: mama. and grandpa, now, too.
M-marriage date: I'm too afraid of other dogs to be married to one.
N-number of siblings: I don't know, but the rescue group told mama that some lady once hoarded me with 55 other dogs. I guess they could be considered my siblings.

O-oranges or apples: Well, mama got mad when I knocked over the tv tray with her orange juice on it, so if I could eat either I'd probably say apples. Mama prefers oranges, though.
P-phobias or fears: BIG DOGS and kids who run up to me. Mama is terrified of flying and isn't crazy about closed in spaces, either.
Q-favorite quote: I like my mama's favorite quote: AAAAAAAAAACCCCCCCCK!
R-reason to smile: My mama.

S-season: Anytime when the grass is green and edible.
T-tag 3 people: Anyone who wants to play, add a note in the comments
U-unknown fact about me: there's nothing unknown about me; mama puts everying I do on this blog!

V-veggie I don't like: Haven't found one yet, though mama says I wouldn't like cauliflower.
W-worst habit: Mama insisted on answering this one for me:jumping up on anything that has even the faintest scent of food!
X-xrays: Ultrasounds and CTscans...the one that found the screw in my gut.

Y-your favorite food: Royal Canin Hypoallergenic
Z-zodiac: Mama thinks it's either Taurus or Gemini, since the rescue group said I was 8 months old when they got me in January, which means I was probably born sometime in May. Mama says she's using May 13 since that will be her first "Mother's" Day :). So that would make me a Taurus.


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