07 July 2007

Caged In ... Again

You might remember a while back mama tried all kinds of things to block off portions of the house to keep me either in or out of certain areas. First she tried my crate.

But I got through.

Then she tried some 26" fencing, with and without chairs for added height.

But I got out pretty quickly.

She even tried a 32" gate.

But, you got it .... I got out.

Yesterday she got a package in the mail.


So what am I barking at?

I haven't managed to get out yet!


At 8:39 PM, Blogger Donna & Joe said...

Izzie, it looks like you're finally gated in by the same gate that traps Addy and Lucy.

Lucy actually knows how to escape your new gate, but I'm swearing her to secrecy! We'll just have to see if you figure it out on your own. ;)

Donna :)


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