14 February 2009

Mama Is Ashamed

Mama is ashamed of herself. Or at least I say she should be ashamed of herself. It's been a LONG TIME since she let me post. Even worse, it's been a LONG TIME since Mona gave me an award and mama was "Too Busy" to let me claim it until today. She says she's sorry, but I don't know...

Anyway, Mona and her Mommy gave me an award for being part of her Strings of Friendship feature. It was an honor to be chosen for her string, much less get an award. Thank you Mona and Mommy!

What's even worse is that mama just noticed she doesn't have Mona on my link list! FOR SHAME. She added it now, so go over to MONA's blog and read all about her. She's got some great pictures!


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