30 June 2006

Wiped Out

Yep, that black blob is me. Notice how there aren't any sheets tied around the table anymore to keep me out from under it? I think mommy is rewarding me for not having a single accident in the house yesterday! (She didn't put them back after I had one this morning, either).

Also notice that I look exhausted! That's because mommy took me to a new place this morning. At first, when she put me in the car, I was a little scared. The last time she put me in a car she took me to the vet. And the vet stuck a stick up my butt. Twice.

But today she took me to this place that had trees. And grass. And these things that kids swing back and forth on. And these patches of grass with dirt paths cut into them. I think mommy called it a park. At home I tend to shy away from people who approach me, especially if they have other dogs with them. But at the park, we met up with a few older people and their pooches. I met a Bichon Frise, a Bedlington Terrier, and two Shih Tzus. Oh, and their owners.

We walked around the park twice, and at one point, mommy even trotted around with me! Imagine that! We had a great time. Until we got bit by fire ants. Actually, I got bit first, and when mommy picked me up to put me on the table to pick it off my leg, it bit her. Who knew a lousy ant bit could hurt so much? Mommy said it hurt alot, too. When we got home she put ice on her finger and tried to put ice on my paw. But I just took the ice cube and ate it.

Would you believe that mommy forgot to take the camera with us, so we didn't get any pictures of me at the park. Maybe next time we go back -- AFTER we forget about the ant bites!


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