02 September 2006

You Take the Good, You Take the Bad

Fortunately, today started off with our usual romp in the park. Unfortunately, we didn't get to do much playing since the fields were being used and there was less space for me to go to play. Fortunately, I did get to chase the ball a couple of times.

Unfortunately, mommy took me to the vet again. Fortunately, they were able to fit me in after mommy called yesterday when I peed in the crate for the third day and started having trouble holding it overnight, too. Unfortunately, the vet stuck a stick up my butt and a needle in my skin. Fortunately, I don't appear to have a bladder or urinary infection. Unfortunately, my urine specific gravity was low, which basically means there's too much water in my urine and not enough, well urine. At least I think that's what it means. Fortunately, it wasn't incredulously low. Unfortunately it was low enough for the vet to suggest a lot of expensive tests. Fortunately, we could start with one fairly comprehensive test first.

Unfortunately, mommy later had to put me in my crate. Fortunately, she wasn't gone long and fortunately I didn't pee in the crate and fortunately mommuy brought back TOYS.

I chewed the ear off the lamb in less than 10 minutes.


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