13 July 2008

Mama's First Attempt

At barbecuing something other than hamburgers or hot dogs:
Pork chops marinated in soy sauce with lemon juice and garlic, with pepper mix marinated in olive oil and garlic (she forgot the dill weed). Overall not a bad first try, but she learned a couple of things:

1. Next time she won't forget to oil the grate first.
2. Next time she'll move the chops to one side and put the veggies on the other side, over direct heat.
3. Next time she'll put the veggies on at the same time as the pork chops.
Live and learn. it sure smelled good! And no, I didn't get ANY. I even got yelled at for licking the ground under the grill when all was said and done!


At 9:40 PM, Blogger Kapp pack said...

That looks delicious!

Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

At 1:20 PM, Blogger DESERT PUPS said...

Woof Izzie

That looks really good. We can't believe you got yelled at for licking the ground. That's what we're supposed to do, we're dogs. But our Mom yells at us for doing stuff like that too.

Woof, woof
Desert pups,
Scuba, Keiko, Norman and Toby from Life inside the fence.

At 7:02 PM, Blogger DESERT PUPS said...

Woof Izzie

Hey, we didn't know you were in Tucson. Totally pawsome, we're just gonna have to add you to our favorite blogs.

Desert Pups
Scuba, Keiko, Norman and Toby

At 9:52 PM, Blogger happy said...

Ooh those look really yummy! Too bad you didn't get any though.

At 2:15 AM, Blogger Huskee Boy said...

*slurp*.. I am salivating just looking at the photo!

At 4:46 PM, Blogger DESERT PUPS said...

Woof, Izzie

What part of Tucson do you live in? We live in Three Points, out in the middle of nowhere.

Woof, woof
Desert Pups

At 9:00 PM, Blogger Bella the Boxer said...

What?! You didn't get anything?! I think you should stage a protest, Izzie.

xoxo - Bella


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