01 March 2009

A Rough Weekend

Thursday evening mama came home from work as usual. I greeted her at the door as usual. I led her into the living room as usual. I bent my head down to the carpet, making chewing motions with my mouth, not as usual. Mama said "Drop IT!" So I did as I was told and dropped it.

What did I drop, you might ask? (photo courtesy of http://www.petsareourpassion.com/)

The top half of my left canine toofie. Can you say OUCH? Mama still doesn't know how this happned. There's no evidence of me chewing on something. But she did wonder if I was in pain, as I didn't wimper, whine or otherwise act as if I was in pain. She called "that doctor" and was told to bring me in the next day, allowing me to eat as I could tolerate.

So the next day mama brought me in and guess what "that doctor" did to me? She TOOK THE REST OF THE TOOTH OUT! The nerve was showing through which would be painful. So "that doctor" made me go to sleep, then took the whole thing out! She sent me home with mama with pain meds that didn't do ANYTHING . In fact, I was so distressed this is what I looked like

When mama was sitting on the couch getting ready to eat this:
That's Macaroni and Cheese folks! CHEESE! And I stayed in my crate with the door open the whole time! Not ONE dive-bomb for the food. THAT's how awful I felt.

Mama gave me a pain pill "that doctor" gave her for me, but it didn't do anything to stop the pain. I wimpered off and on all night (mama couldn't give me more because they were a "One Pill every 12 hours" prescription). But don't worry, mama asked "that doctor" for new pain meds, and once that one kicked in, I was feeling much better.

Now, I'm off to get mama to wash out the water bowl in my crate!


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