02 July 2006

May It Be?

Could mommy possibly have found the perfect "bed" for me right in her own home?

Remember in an earlier post I told you how mommy had spent so much money trying to find the right padding to use for my bed? Today she did laundry, and washed the sheets she had tied around the dining room table. She then tucked the sheets, the ruffle, one pillowcase, and the pillow shams into the other pillowcase and put it on the floor. I LOVE it. Perhaps I'll sleep on it in my kennel tonight. We'll see. She bought me a new toy today, too: A rubbery newspaper that SQUEAKS! Auntie Mel is laughing because mommy once swore she'd never buy any dog of hers a squeaky toy!
We've gone to the park three mornings in a row now. At first it was fun until other dogs approached (except for the bichon, shih tzus, and bedlington -- I liked them). Especially bigger dogs. I'd bark and bark and cower and hide. Today mommy taught me a new word: Quiet. We saw a lot of big dogs at the park today; several them not leashed, since they were playing on some type of course mommy said was an obstacle course. When we first got there it was tough for her to get me to go past them (and we had to go past to get into the park). As we walked I saw other big, leashed dogs and barked. Mommy used that "Quiet" word again, and gave me a treat when I stopped barking! I noticed, too that the big dogs just kept walking and didn't bother me at all. I might have to keep trying this Quiet thing.
Here are some pictures she took of me yesterday at the park. (The one on my profile is one too!).


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