29 July 2006

Can't Fence Me In

Well, mommy was at it again yesterday. She re-arranged the alcove off the bedroom where she'd put the fencing up to keep me out. Only this time she was taking almost everything out of the alcove. She left only a chair and two empty bookcases in there (that were holding up the fencing). She put the tv on the outside of the fencing and just made room for everything else in the bedroom itself. I wasn't quite sure why she was doing this. Did she forget that I can jump over the fencing?

But this morning she put the dining room chairs on the bedroom side of it with the backs of the chairs against the fencing. Suddenly I got it: Instead of keeping me out of it, she wanted to keep me IN it. The chairs made the fencing higher so I wouldn't be able to jump out. She underestimated me again.

First, she had the recliner holding up the fencing on the left side. I jumped on it first, and then over the dining room chairs. No-brainer, mom.

Then, she switched the recliner and the second bookcase. I jumped on the recliner first and then ontop the bookcase. Duh.

Finally, she moved the recliner to the middle of the wall under the window. Mommy was so sure she finally found a way to keep me in, she put me in there with some toys and left(later I found out she spied on me from the window). This one took some work, but I was still out in five minutes. I jumped up so my front paws were atop the fencing, then pulled my hiney up while nudging one of the chairs forward with my nose, and scrambled over. I bet mommy wishes she'd brought the camera outside with her to capture that!

Mommy just laughed and said that whenever she had to leave, I'd just be stuck in the crate. So THAT's why she wanted to keep me in the alcove!


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