17 September 2006

Poof! She's Gone!

Yesterday morning mommy took me to my friend Scooter's house. I was so excited because I love to play with Scooter. After only a few minutes there, though, I came back from outside with him and mommy was gone! I hate it when she does that. I drove one of my sitters crazy with my barking, but eventually I stopped and went back to playing. I drove the other sitter crazy with my mischievousness -- she soon found out that I get into everything! When mommy came home today, the sitter was telling her that she was going to put the fencing mommy borrowed from her into a 2 x 2 square so that I'd have no room to get a running start to jump out. You should have seen her face when mommy told her I could jump out of it without a running start!

Mommy brought me a present today, too. I humored her for a little while by using it while chewing on my Kong toy.


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