09 February 2008

A Picture of Health

Mama took me to *that* place again. No, not the dog park. She swore off torturing me with that again. The V-E-T place. The vet thought I was so cute when she opened the door and I was laying down looking at her with my tongue sticking out. But then she stuck two things up my butt. Then put some liquid in my nose! She said that will prevent me from getting something called Kennel Cough. Then she tried to stick something in my neck. Then in my leg. She kept saying she was sorry. She was just trying to get my blood.

BLOOD? WHY does she want my BLOOD? Is she a vampire or something???? Whatever her reasons, she got my blood. She gave mama some advice on how to get me to to a park kind of far away without getting sick (20 miles, but when you get carsick, that's FAR). First mama will try putting a couple of blankets on the seat to raise me up enough to see out the window (it's cheaper than buying a booster seat). If that doesn't help, she can try to give me some dramamine. Mama doesn't want me tired and sleepy, but she doesn't want me to get sick, either.

Anyway, back to the healthy part. Mama asked the vet if my fur is turning gray so early because of the Prednisone I've been on (I have Inflammatory Bowel Disease, and Pred is one of the meds I take periodicallly, in addition to the hypoallergenic food and Metronidazole meds that I'm always on). The vet says if it's the meds, it's more likely the Metro, and not the Pred. But she says it's not to worry about. Besides, mama took me off the Pred last week for a while since I haven't been throwing up.

Later mama said the vet called back with the blood work results. I have to have blood work every 6 months to be sure the meds aren't affecting my liver function. I have NO parasites, whatever that means (mama says it's good). Better yet, she said the vet said my bloodwork looked FANTASTIC. That's the exact word she used. FANTASTIC. So I guess that means I'm healthy!

Tell me, do I look healthy to you?After the vet, mama took me home then went to a doctor herself. She accidentally kicked the leg of the coffee table last night when getting off the couch and she thought she broke her toe. She didn't though. (Would you believve she was so stupid as to have kicked the same leg of the same coffee table again this afternoon???? With the same foot but the toe next to the one she hit yesterday??? SHEESH). Anyway, then she came home and instead of her putting more ice on her toe and elevating it (it was swollen...when the doc asked her what toe, she said "the one that's big that's not supposed to be big. DUH), she took me for a walk.

By then it was nap time. The vet, the doc, a walk. What a day. But the good thing was, it was a byootiful day in Tucson: low to mid 70 degrees with sun all the way around!


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