05 November 2008

Mama Came Home

In a VERY good mood today. I said, "Wow, mama, you look so happy".

In fact, she looked so happy I caught it too and I wagged my tail (well, okay, I always wag my tail when mama comes home. I like how she says "Izzie, look at your little tay-el").

She pet me extra hard and gave me an extra kiss. I said, "Wow mama, you must have had a very good day".

In fact, she told me she had just an "okay" day.

"Just an okay day?" I asked. "But you look like you just won the lottery".

In fact, she said "It wasn't me that won the lottery, Izzie, it was your Auntie Donna and your Unca Joe. They just won the biggest lottery of them all".

I said, "Are they going to share it with us?"

Mama said "Well, Izzie, I don't think so. At least not in the way you'd think. You see, Auntie Donna and Unca Joe's lottery has two legs and two arms and a beautiful head and black hair just like you!".

"HUH?" Was all I could say.

She then led me to see Auntie Donna and Unca Joe's "new" blog, Waiting For Lauren Elizabeth.

I wagged my little "tay-el" a LOT after seeing what their lottery looked like!

Congratulations Auntie Donna and Unca Joe!


At 10:00 PM, Blogger happy said...

Oh my, they've finally got their baby? I remember reading about their waiting some time ago. Heading over to visit now.


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