05 March 2009


So today mama took this quiz thingie that was supposed to match her up with the perfect dog breed for her lifestyle, right? And she told this quiz thingie that her dog would be an indoor dog, that likes walks and agility, no more than a moderate shedder, that she wanted a light barker (not a heavy barker like me), and that she had a medium sized dog, right? So do you want to know what breed the quiz thingie said she should get?

A German Hound. Why? Because, the quiz thingie said, "The German Hound is a magnificent, hardy breed, attractive in appearance with a shiny, bright coat. Whilst he makes a good hunting companion he is not suitable as a house pet."

She wants an indoor dog, the German Hound is not suitable as a house pet. Yup. Perfect match for mama! Sheesh!


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