17 July 2006

Monday, Monday, So Good To Me

Mommy and I had a great morning in the park today.

Here I am after getting in the car on the way to the park.

Getting ready to "make the rounds" of the fields.

Me and Buffy,one of the Shih Tzus

Me, Buffy, and Brutus, the other Shih Tzu.

Me and Buffy waiting on Brutus.

After Brutus and Buffy left with their parents, mommy took me into one of the fields and made me practice some skills, such as "Sit", "Look", "Stop" and "Stay". "Stay" is the hardest one! But after every successful attempt at each skill, mommy tossed a ball for me to get. She left the leash on me, but let go after she threw the ball so I could go a little further. Maybe someday she'll throw it further so I can *really* chase it! We had a great day at the park today.


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