04 July 2006

Independence Day

We had a play-filled day for our Independence Day. As is becoming quite the habit, mommy took me to the park. We walked a mile and a half today, and found some new practice sporting fields that mommy said would be perfect for when we started training. I did really good practicing my "quiet" command, and when we met up with the friends I'd made late last week (the bichon, the shih tzus, and a terrier) I didn't bark OR run from them! Mommy was so proud. But then we met up with the Irish Wolfhounds. I don't know if I'll ever stop being afraid of them. They're said to be gentle giants, but I don't know...they're awfully big!

When we got home mommy put me in the crate and cleaned the dining room floor (that's my favorite place, in case you've forgotten). Then she changed the bedroom around and moved my crate to a different area that she says should be cooler than by the window. While I was crated mommy went to Petsmart again and tried one more time to find a pad for my kennel that I won't chew or move off the bottom. It didn't work, naturally. She even tried velcro-ing the pad to the crate but I still dug it up and moved it! Will she ever learn?

I made her laugh really hard, though, when I tried to jump on the bed and only made it half way. I found myself splat against the side of the bed with my front paws ontop of the mattress and my body dangling from there. Mommy was literally Rolling on the Floor Laughing. It's okay. It must have looked funny! I did make it to the top of the bed though. Just need a little running start.

After an afternoon potty break mommy gave me another bath. I still don't like them, but she says she has to give me a bath twice a week until the medicated shampoo is gone (I have terribly itchy skin). I hope it starts working soon!.

Then we played in the living room. I surprised her by jumping over the fencing she uses to divide the dining room from the living room. Twice. Then I jumped clear over a tv tray she uses as an end table and onto the couch. Mommy said she wants to look into agility training for me!

Here are some pictures of me playing in the living room.

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