01 October 2006

Here We Go Again

Here, I presume, is one example of why mommy keeps trying to fence me in to specific areas of the house. This is a picture of me beginning my reach to grab onto something I want, in this case, a dishtowel.
Here is a picture of the 32 inch gate she bought yesterday at Petsmart. "This gate is almost 3 feet tall", she told me when she came home. She put it up, put the crate (in the foreground) on one side of the bathroom, and me on the other. Then she left for about 15 minutes (oh, she gave me a toy, too). No problem. She was so happy when she came back in and I was still there.

Today she did the same routine, and then left for about 45 minutes! She was THRILLED when she came home and found me still in there. "I finally found a way to let you have some room without destroying my house", she said.

After a while, she left again to go to the drugstore. She was gone about half an hour. When she got home ...

You got it. I was in the bedroom waiting by the door. I only went to the door when I heard her come in, though. Before that I was busy knocking over the lamp and trying to get the money out of the water bottle (she'd once put coins in an empty one to shake when I was being bad).

Mommy just stood there for a few minutes. "How in the world could you possibly jump over a 32 inch gate?" she asked in total awe. (Or anger. I'm not sure which.)

When the shock wore off a bit, we went for a ride.

Straight to Petsmart to return the gate.


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