14 March 2009

Mama Made Me

Mama and I had some company today. She made me be nice. I tried. I tried to make Maggie feel at home.
But look how close she came to me! I cudda touched her had I stretched out my head a bit! She wudda liked that, that Maggie. In fact, all that Maggie wanted to do was play.

Eventually I warmed up to her.

Look how close I let her get later:

I really like Ryan, who is mama's co-worker's husband.

After a while we went for a walk. Now THIS was FUN! You know why? Maggie SUCKS at leash walking. But that's okay, one because she's just a puppy and is still learning, and two, because I SUCK at playing with other dogs. Maggie tried and tried and tried to get me to play with her. She jumped on me. I growled and gave a warning snap. Twice. Mama scolded me, but I didn't know how else to get her to stop playing on me. Notice I said playing ON me not playing WITH me! It wasn't long, though, before we started buddying up to each other.

In the end, mama gave us each a Kong with an ice cube. I chomped on mine, Maggie chomped on hers.

Life is good.


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