21 March 2009

Second Annual Pet Picnic!

Today was the 2nd Annual FamPet Picnic for mama's work. This is an event where mama's co-workers and their families/friends come together at a local park with their dogs and food and leashes and whatever else. We had a good time. Coming up is a slideshow of all the pictures mama took. Until then, here are a few highlights:
The yellow dog is Corina, a co-worker's rescued dog that had heartworm when they first got her. Doesn't she look great?

Mama just loves the above photograph of Lucy and Sophie (or maybe Sofie?).
The man in the left photo is grandpa making friends with Heather's boxer, Cami Jo. Boxers are one of mamas favorite breeds -- next to Cockeranians, of course. Oh, and the dog on the right? That's Roxie, one of the Therapy Dogs at the Children's Clinics where mama works. Roxie is a Gabriel's Angels dog, specially trained to provide comfort to people who need comforting!

Here are a few other pics. There were kids there that never once made me nervous!

And of course, a video of me inside the small-dog run. As usual, I didn't want much to do with the others. I just wanted out of there.

Finally, the announcement: The park was 20 miles away from home, which meant a 40 mile ROAD TRIP! And guess what? I DIDN'T GET CARSICK THIS YEAR!


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