15 September 2009

Ruler of the Roost

A couple months ago, mama's car, a 2000 Honda Civic, died an expensive death. First, it wouldn't start. It wouldn't take a start and the battery, starter, solenoid and alternator all tested fine. Unfortunately, the ignition module and coil did not, and they were replaced. The next day, the car stalled out in the middle of a busy intersection. Just died, right in the teeny weeny spot in the intersection between the place where the double left-turn lanes separate. Scary stuff. Some nice guys walked into the intersection to push her out of the way, and the car was towed to the dealer this time. They replaced the spark plugs, one of which had a hole in the side and caused a major misfire. What? All that from a bad spark plug? That was actually replaced the day before with the ignition system? After getting all the labor and spark plugs refunded from the first shop, mama had to replace the CATalytic converter at a crazy cost. But guess what? The car was losing gas mileage, and struggled up even small hills. Mama was furious, because she bought the Honda brand new in 2000 because of it's reputation to last forever. Mama swears she took care of it, but it never ran the same after the spark plug thing so she got rid of it.

And got something called a crossover SUV. WOOOHOOO, right? Well, for her maybe but not for me.See how high off the ground that is? Well, okay, so it's not like an 18 wheeler or anything, but for a small dog like me and in comparison to the Civic, this thing is up there! Believe it or not, I can jump in it (barely, but I can). But for some reason mama won't let me jump out of it. She says she's afraid of me getting something called arf-ritis if I land on the hard pavement too much, so she's been picking me up and lifting me out of it. You know something? I hate being picked up!
Well, today she got something delivered by some big brown truck. She said my being picked up to get out of the car days are over. Here's why:

Mama says it's really better suited for the back of the vehicle but I don't ride back there so she says I can use this as long as she is right there with me to hold it steady as I get in and out. Here's a little video of me being "bribed" to use it:

You might notice that the entire back seat of the car had a makeover to make it just perfect for me. I'm not a big fan of car rides (sometimes it makes me sick, which the cushion is supposed to help prevent by raising me up a bit), but even I have to admit: This is a back seat made for a king!


At 9:05 AM, Anonymous chris said...

your very own ramp! How lucky you are Izzie

Abby Rosie and their kitties

At 2:25 AM, Blogger happy said...

How nice to be riding in a new car! Now the back seat looks really comfy!


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