16 August 2009

More Summer Fun

Well, at least for mama it was more summer fun. Me? I got to stay home. Let me start from the beginning:

I knew something was up on Friday night. Mama did her laundry, and she never does her laundry on Friday night. Then, Saturday morning, after I woke her up at 4:45 a.m. {evil grin}, she started putting things in a tote bag. No, not doggie things, HUMAN things, like shorts, undies, toiletries, etc. Suspcious, but not too damaging. Until the hair dryer went into the bag. When THAT goes in any type of bag it is NOT a good thing. Sure enough, a few hours later she was gone. Okay, I said to myself. She'll be back by 6 like always.

Only she wasn't. She left me with Grandpa ALL NIGHT. I showed him though: I kept him up until 1:00 A.M., going in and out for hours, clawing at his bedroom door. He finally opened it and I bolted down the hall, laid down and went to sleep. I was gonna be waiting for mama no matter what he wanted! Only mama didn't come back until almost NOON on Sunday! The NERVE.

She said she went to a friend's house in Phoenix for a Barbecue. Mama's become quite the fan of the grill here at home. The last thing she made was chicken:

She said she knew I'd understand her absence when she told me WHO she was going to meet: Do you remember that I've often made posts on here about mama's friends Donna and Joe who were adopting a baby from China? Well, they adopted her in January and mama finally went up to meet her this weekend! I suppose I'll forgive her, since I was as excited as mama when they FINALLY brought Lauren home. Mama shared some pics of her with me today. There is even a dog in some of them: Christine's JRT Ruby, who mama says loves to dive into the pool again and again and again and again; she'll dive in for as long as people keep throwing balls for her to catch!

Here are the pics mama took of Lauren:


At 12:36 AM, Blogger happy said...

Oh poor you, Izzie. Your mommy could've taken you along. Look at all the yummy food.


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