06 July 2006

One Step Ahead

Every morning after our romp in the park, I come home and chase my toy cow around and run all over the dining room and living room. I think this flabbergasts mommy, since today she brought one of my other toys to the park with us today, ran around with me, and really tried to tire me out. It didn't work, though. I still ran all around the rooms afterwards.

Today she did something really weird. She took the coffee table and moved it up against the wall across from the couch. It's pretty much useless there! But she said that since the table top raises up, there are hinges underneath the table. She was worried about me getting hurt as I ran under the table. She loves me so much she's disrupted her entire home to accomodate me! She put the sheets back up to keep me from under it. But I just tore them down (after I climbed up on the table!


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