17 September 2007


Mama said that if she'd have waited a little longer to name me, and if I were a girl, she'd have named me Twiggy. That's because, she said, I love to gnaw on the twigs in the ground that used to be a dwarf orange pittosporum bush before she cut it down to twigs (it died). Well, all I can say now is, "phooey". Why, you ask? Because after a rainstorm yesterday, she finally managed to dig the thing completely out of the ground. Do you think she saved it for me? NOOOOOoooo! She threw it aWAY! She has a picture of me saying good-bye to it, but for some reason it won't download from the camera. It's just as well. It's too painful for me to look at, anyway.


At 4:53 AM, Blogger Ferndoggle said...

Twiggies are very yummy and an excellent source of fiber.



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