23 November 2007

Okay, Something's REALLY Happening Here

Mama put a TREE in the living room! Then she put stuff on it. She didn't seem to happy about leaving the bottom part bare, but she said something about keeping someone safe and untempted to gnaw on stuff. What does "gnaw" mean?

Then she put these nutcracker things all over the place. Even ...
In the bathroom!
I have to say, the house looks pretty good. Though she kept me in my crate most of the time while she was putting it all up. I couldn't help it; She has all these fuzzy things she called stockings on the couch. They looked like toys, they felt like toys, they even chewed like toys. How was I supposed to know they weren't toys?
Anyway, she says tomorrow she'll "attack" the outside of the house. Wish her luck; she's never had a house to put lights up on before.


At 5:29 PM, Blogger Donna & Joe said...

Colleen, I must have an old e-mail address for you. I sent you a new blog header for Izzie and then e-mailed you to see if you got it and haven't heard back.

By the way, your decorations look great...I think I'm going to put ours out next weekend.

Can you e-mail me so I can check your address?

Donna :)


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