07 July 2006

Good News!

What a busy day. We went to the park again today even though we had rain and a thunderstorm in the early morning hours. And guess what I did? I let the Irish Wolfhounds approach me! It was not easy, and I barked a lot, but I did it. Mommy talked to one of their owners about the training they went through. I think mommy is thinking about taking me there. She's just a little hesitant because she'd have to use a choke collar on me. The man showed us what the collar looks like, and he explained that they teach people how to use it so it's not a choke collar in that it doesn't choke us. It apparently just gives us a little "twang" when used right. I was glad to hear mommy say she'd never let anyone use an electric collar on me. That doesn't sound good.

Then we went to my least favorite place: The vet. But the vet said my lungs sound much better than the last time, and my teeth were looking better, too. But mommy and the doc talked about that colitis thing the old vet mentioned, and started me on an expensive new, hypoallergenic diet. And mommy also got another round of the meds, but she's not allowed to give me anything other than the new food so she has to put the pill deep in my mouth and get me to swallow it. It didn't work too well today :(.

We slept a good portion of the afternoon. It was a great day for a long nap as it poured rain this afternoon. After dinner we went back to the park. We ended up fetching softballs that were hit over the backstop during some girls' batting practice.

It'll be bedtime in a few hours. I don't know who's looking forward to it more, me or mommy!


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