09 July 2006

Look what Auntie Donna Did for Me

Auntie Donna created the header you see on the top of my blog, and she put it on the blog, too, since mommy wasn't quite that adept at formatting. Isn't it great? Thank you Aunt Donna!

Today we went to the park as usual. I didn't think we'd go today since yesterday I ate grass and then threw it all up in the car on the way home. I told you how smart mommy is, though, as she had a towel on the seat and I managed to "hit" it instead of the seat! But to the park we went. We headed to the far end of the park and through the school district portable offices to the fields on the other side. Mommy made me practice "Sit" and "Down". I got "Sit" real easy; Down is going to take a bit more persuading.

Yesterday mommy rearranged the bedroom just a little.

You can see she found a new use for the fencing. I think she's trying to prepare the room for an attempt at leaving me uncrated at night soon. (she's worried that I'll jump over the fencing, though.)

But she hasn't uncrated me yet.

In an attempt to keep me from jumping from the bed over the fencing, she even moved the bed over, leaving the pictures uncentered. I know this is driving her NUTS. 10 to 1 she moves the pictures over real soon!


At 8:50 PM, Blogger Donna & Joe said...

Izzie, I think your blog looks real cute!

Do you know how lucky you are to have a mommy that takes you to the park all the time? To say thanks to her you should try real hard to stay out of your crate at night and wait until mommy gets up in the morning to go pee. That would be a wonderful way to say thanks for your new home.

Aunt Donna :)


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