11 July 2006

I Wanna Play

Mommy was telling me about a game of tag that bloggers sometimes play and I wanna play, too! She said the last game that she played in the Tag Topic was to name 5 quirky habits. Well, I'm going to challenge the bloggers to name 3 quirky things about their pet(s).

I'll even start.

The number 3 quirky thing about me is that I go off barking at other dogs I see, and go downright beserk when I see bigger dogs. There's no stopping me!

The number 2 quirky thing about me is that sometimes, when I go to jump on the bed or couch, I miss and end up splat against the side of the bed or couch. Yesterday I put my front paws on the seat of the couch near mommy and stretched, and my front paws kept sliding down the couch until I ended up laying down on the floor.

The number 1 quirky thing about me is that I bark at myself when I see my reflection in a window, mirror, or even ....

The oven door!

Since Auntie
Donna's the only other Blogger I know right now, I'll tag her!


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