10 July 2006

Look What They've Done to my Hair, Ma

Even though I had a major accident in the house to end all major accidents in the house, Mommy still made me feel better by getting my hair cut. I think I like it. Mommy was a nervous wreck when she saw my hair start coming off. I think the groomer would have preferred her staying inside instead of watching! But I think she likes it, too. All I know is, it's much cooler. (remember to click on the pictures to get a closer look). Notice how my tongue sticks out in the second picture? That's a result of some dental problems I'd had when I was younger. Mommy says it gives me character.

When we got home she gave me the Kong to play with. Ever hear of a Kong? It's a rubber toy with a hole in the bottom and the top. You can put a treat in the hole, such as a peanut butter dog cookie or even a doggie "whip cream" type of spray foam. Then the dog gets to dig out the treat inside the hole. It's supposed to work wonders for dogs who have a hard time when their parents first leave: They spend half hour or whatever trying to get the treat and forget that their parents left! Anyway, I can't have any treats; just the new food they prescribed for me. But mommy either puts kibbles in there or smashes a kibble or two, wets it, then smears it inside the Kong. I have fun with the toy even without anything inside, and mommy likes it because (1) it doesn't squeak, and (2) I didn't destroy it in 5 minutes.

You should get your parents to let you try one. Just make sure they get one that is for your size!


At 7:46 AM, Blogger Donna & Joe said...


I love your new haircut...you look so cute and I bet you're so much cooler. Mommy's right about the tongue thing, it does add character so don't be worried about it.

Aunt Donna :)


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