24 November 2007

The Outside

Mama did the outside of the house today. She only yelled and cussed ONCE! She'd never put lights up before and didn't think she'd be able to do it now, either since she doesn't have a ladder. But she said she found this REALLY COOL (she yelled it, really she did!) tool at Walgreens. It's an extendable pole that has a screw type end on it. It comes with these clip thingies that you first screw onto the pole, then scoop up the wire of the lights and raise it to the eaves of the roof and push until the clip "clips on"! She got the lights up in no time flat!

Then she assembled the animated reindeer. This is when she cussed and yelled, because the instructions were the worst and so unhelpful. But grandpa bailed her out. Oh wait, she cussed after that, when she was trying to hammer in the stakes in the ground. Then she put up the inflatable snowman. She got that in okay, but then had to laugh when she inflated it and it was facing the house!!!! She had it laid out face up and toward the street, but I guess it reversed itself. She had to take it down, turn it, then put it back up. I can't believe she didn't cuss. She didn't. She laughed at this one. Here are some pictures. Her camera isn't that great, so the "big picture if it all" is pretty blurry. But she got an okay one of the reindeer and a really good one of the snowman. (I should tell you that when we got back from our walk earlier, while the snowman was still lying on the ground, we walked up the driveway and I got scared cuz I didn't know what it was!).


At 3:52 PM, Blogger Freda said...

Whoas, Izzies! That looks reeeallys cooools! We have lights ups but they are on our lemon trees to keeps them warms.

Thanks for signin' my Dogsbook.

Hope you and your peeps have a great holidays.




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