08 December 2007

Mama's Bridge Dogs

Mama was looking through some old photos today and found some pictures of her dogs while growing up.This was Skipper, an Irish Setter, Golden Retriever and Collie mix. WOW he was a big dog! Mama said he was very nice and friendly, though. Except to Michael on the other street, but he kept teasing Skipper by poking a branch near his face. This was Pepe, a French Poodle. Mama said this was the most difficult dog she'd ever had. They had to give him up because this is one dog they couldn't train: he was apparently food and toy aggressive (and he made everything his toy), and he bit mama once, and he scratched and bit through two solid wood doors! Mama says she's sad sometimes that they couldn't keep him, but he was just too tough for her family to deal with.
This is Mandy, who mama says her brother brought home one day when he found out her owner was going to shoot her! Can you imagine??????? Mama says she was a really good dog, like Skipper was and like I am. She says she'd play hide and seek with Mandy, who'd stay until called while mama went off and hid in the house. She tried to teach me that, but I can't stay quite that long just yet. She taught Mandy to speak, too, just like she taught me! She says I'd have really liked Mandy.
Here's two other pictures of Mandy. She wants to send a challenge to all the dog bloggers: Can you give mama ideas about what type of dog she was? The schools of thought were: Lab/Greyhound. She has the black color of a lab, and a swoop-like shape like a greyhound. But she hated water. She was a very fast runner, mama says. But mama thought maybe part Greyhound and part German Shorthair Pointer, cuz mama says her coat kinda had a Pointer-ish texture and when she treed birds she had the stereotypical pointer stance, with tail up in the air and one front paw bent at the knee. (You can click on the pictures to make them bigger).

Finally, mama's favorite picture of Skipper and Mandy together: She says poor Skipper was an old man by this time, and Mandy a young kid. She says it looks like Mandy's saying "Come On, Brother, let's PLAY" and Skipper's saying "oh DOG I'm too old for this".

That's exactly what it looks like, isn't it? I think I would have liked these dogs. Even if they were bigger than me! (I probably would have liked Pepe, too).


At 2:24 AM, Blogger Xsara ... said...

I would also say she was a lab/pointer mix.
Your mom had some incredible dogs growing up, that's so nice :) She probably learned a lot from them. Xsara is my first dog and she is teaching me so much!
Love from Barbara and Xsara

At 8:44 PM, Blogger Izzie said...

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At 3:52 PM, Blogger Joan said...


Mandy is definitely Lab+something. I'm a lab/doberman mix and I do that same pointer stance when I see things that are interesting, like squirrels! Perhaps it is the lab in me (as a hunter/retriever).

Your brother should be given a gold star.

- Bosco

At 9:38 AM, Blogger Cubby said...

That's a great picture of Skipper and Mandy!


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