04 December 2007

Do You Remember This Picture?

This was me after I got into mischief by jumping up against the cupboard and knocking over a tub of flour from the counter.

Mama doesn't have a picture of just how naughty I was today. Grandpa spoiled everything and told her all about it. First, grandpa fell asleep on the chair and left the tv remote on the armchair. BIG mistake. He woke up, left the room for a minute, and came back to find I'd eaten the top off the remote and broke it. I didn't eat the big chunk I took off it, and grandpa had to dig smaller pieces out of my mouth. Mama said at least I didn't eat the batteries!

Then I somehow got hold of one of mama's nutcrackers and started eating it. Grandpa got that away from me pretty quick.

Then I managed to scatter mama's Christmas cards all over the kitchen floor. Grandpa got to those before I ate them, too.

All mama could do when she got home and heard this tale was stand there and stare at me. At first when grandpa told her I'd been naughty she immediately looked to the floor; usually when grandpa says I'd been naughty, it means I spilled his coffee or coke on the carpet. Then she just stared at me.

I heard her tell grandpa that the worst thing about the whole situation is that she can't even scold me now, cuz she knows the whold day is gone from my memory now!


At 7:47 PM, Blogger Ferndoggle said...

Uh Oh...sucks to be busted. I chewed up 1/2 dozen remotes, a pair of Dad's brand new running shoes and the top off a bottle of seltzer that sprayed all over the living room.

Took me about a year to train my people to put their stuff away! Mom wanted a cleaner house...



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