27 December 2006

Mama's Best Present Ever

16 December 2006

I Want It NOW

Yesterday mama bought a big 37 pound bag of dog food from the vet. Today she went to Target to buy a container in which to store all that food, since ziplock bags was definitely not going to be feasible for that much food. She'd tried to store my food in a container before but I figured out how to get the lid off immediately.This time, though, the container she bought had some type of fasteners to keep the lid on. I don't like this one at all!

11 December 2006

Poor Mama

She can't do anything in the kitchen without me being underfoot. Especially load and unload the dishwasher. Do you have any idea what kind of good stuff you find dripped on the dishwasher door?

She tried to make it easy by blocking the entry into the kitchen with my crate while she does her thing. . She still underestimates my prowess.
Funny. Shortly after this picture was taken she started teaching me to lie down in the dining room while she's in the kitchen.

06 December 2006

I Love My Crate

Mama keeps saying she'll never understand why I love my crate. She knows I'm a "den animal" and small places make me feel comfortable, but she says she never had a crated dog before and she feels guilty for "having" to use a crate when she's not home. But I use the crate on my own even when she's home, and I don't look unhappy, do I?

03 December 2006

Who Is This Fat Man?

01 December 2006

Asleep at her Feet

Mama sure spends a lot of time on this computer thing. You know what they say, though: If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. So I decided to take my nap at mama's feet.

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