24 May 2008

Summer Safety

Mama wants me to write this true story about Mandy as a WARNING for dog-lovers everywhere. Mandy was mama's family's dog while mama was in high school. She says the thought was that she was either a greyhound/lab mix or a greyhound/pointer mix.

One day when mama was home alone in the morning, getting ready to go to school, Mandy was outside playing, sniffing, treeing birds, whatever it was Mandy did when outside. Mama's family had an inground pool in the backyard, prior to the days when fences with self-latching gates were mandated. Mandy apparently hated the water as much as I do, and never went in the pool, though she did run around it chasing birds.

Anyway, while mama was in the house primping (she was a senior in high school), she heard Mandy barking. Mama thought nothing of this, as she figured Mandy had treed a bird. But the barking kept up, and it sounded like it was in a place away from the tree. Then Mandy let out a bark that turned into a howl. Finally, mama marched to the back door to call her in and terror struck her eyes as she set her eyes on Mandy, in the pool, front paws clinging for dear life on the pool decking and her bottom half dangling in the water.

Mama ran over and pulled Mandy out. If Mandy hadn't found the side, she very easily could have drowned. From that day on, mama says Mandy was first taught where the steps were and then, twice every spring/summer, she was forcibly put into the pool so she could show that she knew how to get out on her own.

Mama wants everydog out there to read this story. She wants my fellow dogbloggers to post a summer safety story on their blogs to help spread the word. TEACH your dogs how to get out of your backyard pools, even if there is a fence around it. Watch your children like hawks, too. Don't just listen to them and assume they're safe. Drowning is a silent killer and kids don't generally make any noises as they go down.

Also, mama wants to be sure that NO ONE leaves their pets in cars. In Tucson, summers get to be up to 110 degrees, which means inside a car it can get closer to 130 or 15o degrees ... even with windows cracked! It is illegal to do that here, and if people see pets in cars in the community they can call the police who will come and break into the car to get the pets out. Even if it only gets to 80 where you live, inside a car it's much hotter, and open windows and water dishes just don't cut it. And if mama feels this strongly about pets left in cars, imagine how she feels about kids left in cars; especially babies. Yes, it happens. Quit often, actually :(.

So be safe this summer, keep cool, and have fun!

23 May 2008

What Is Wrong With These Pictures?

Mama went out last Saturday. Look at the pictures she brought back and I just dare you to tell me what exactly is wrong with these pictures. Answers Below.
Picture Number 1.

Picture Number 2.

Picture Number 3.

Do you know what is wrong with each and everyone of these pictures? Do ya? Huh? HUH?

Picture Number 1: This is NOT me. This is Chip, aka Chipper. Dangblasted Doxie.

Picture Number 2: This is NOT me. This is Scooter. I like Scooter. He's a Schnauzer.

Picture Number 3: THIS is not me. This is Lucy. Mama fell in love with this Bassett puppy.

So have ya figured it out yet? That's right, I'm not in a single one of them. And would you like to know WHY I'm not in a single one of them? Hmm? Because I wasn't even THERE. Yep. That's right. Mama left me at HOME. She said something along the lines of me having to stay home because my house manners aren't too good. Just because I dive-bomb people for their food doesn't mean I'm rude. People just don't understand dogs is all.

The one consolation to all this is that the Doxiedog above? HATES mama. Absolutely HATES her. Doxie Chipper takes one look at mama and barks and barks and barks and barks. Every time. Even if mama isn't even looking his way! She's confounded as to why, but I'm secretly glad. Serves her right for going without me.

Now, take a good look at the picture below and tell me if you can figure out what is wrong with this picture. It was taken this evening right after mama and I got back from our evening walk. I'm not going to tell you yet what it is; you have to post a comment with your guess!

13 May 2008

She Did What She Did

I don't know what I did to make mama do what she did, but I'm glad I did whatever I did to make her do what she did!

At first I thought maybe she did what she did because she felt guilty for going to some concert last night and staying out really late.But perhaps she did what she did because she felt guilty for what she's going to do tonight, which she said is going to bed early tonight because she stayed out so late last night. Which means I have to go to bed early, too.

Whatever the reason, I am very happy she did what she did because I did whatever I did to get the rewards of her doing what she did.

So what did mama do?She bought me a STUFFIE! She NEVER buys me STUFFIES! I LOVE stuffies! But she never buys me stuffies! Why doesn't she ever buy me stuffies? Because after about 90 seconds in my mouth, stuffies look like this:
Mama says she would buy me more stuffies if I'd just de-stuff them and leave them be, but NO-O-o-o-o! I EAT the stuffing after I de-stuff them! So after about 90 seconds, I lose the stuffies to the trash! But what a great 90 seconds they are! Now if only I knew why mama did what she did when she did what she did when she bought me a stuffie....

She said something about it being my 3rd birthday....

Which reminds me, thank you to all for the birthday wishes. Birthdays are great, even if I don't know what they are...

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