27 August 2006

King Kong

Mommy is always ranting and raving about my Kong toy. She likes it for a few reasons. One, it's made of strong rubber that I can't destroy in 5 minutes like I can the stuffed toys I like so much. Two, she can stuff it with some of my can dog food and freeze it. When she gives it to me (before bed and before she leaves for work in the morning), I spend at least a half an hour trying to get the food out. Finally, she likes it because I like it.

26 August 2006

A Day in the Life

Mommy went outside for something earlier. Not only did she not bring me with her, she didn't put me in the crate. She wasn't gone long, though. I think she's trying to leave me out for short periods of time in an attempt to wean me off of the crate. Anyway, when she came back in, I was lying down in (or should I say on) a unique spot.

Then I caught her lying on the floor opposite of where I was in the kitchen. As I was "scootching" towards her, she snapped yet another picture. She sure likes that camera.

Then she tossed the "tennis ball dumbbell" and I played a bit.

Overall I'd say it was a pretty good day.

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22 August 2006

Something Weird This Week Happened

Yesterday started off as any normal day. We woke up. Mommy took me outside. Mommy fed me breakfast. But instead of her eating at the same time, she took a shower. The she got all gussied up. Then she finally ate breakfast. Then we went to the park. When we got home, mommy checked email and the normal stuff. Then she changed into some nice clothes, put me in my kennel, turned the radio on, gave me some toys and some water, and ... left.

She sometimes does that. But today she was gone ALL DAY! She's never done that before (well except for the time she left me with Vito and Specs but this time no one was with me). When she came home she was so excited to see me. And me her! It was cool outside since it'd rained earlier so she took me to the park again for a long time. I played and played!

Today she did pretty much the same thing, though we couldn't go for a walk this morning because it was raining, and it was too hot this evening to go, too. But she did give me a bath to help me cool off. She kept saying something about me being such a good boy while she's at work.

20 August 2006

Stand Tall

Mommy took me for a little walk today around the complex to, um, relieve myself. During that short walk THREE people mentioned how much better I was doing on the leash. Mommy was so proud! So was I when she told them it's because I'd been working so hard!

19 August 2006

The Gentle Giants

Remember the big Irish Wolfhounds that we meet at the park in the mornings?Yesterday mommy managed to snap a picture of Faylon (sitting down posing) and Kelly Rose. I'm just lying around trying to figure out a way to get out of this situation! I'm still nervous around them, but if I'm off the leash I can handle it a bit better.

18 August 2006

Play Ball!

I love to play ball in the park. I can run pretty dang fast! Unfortunately, I haven't quite gotten the hang of catching the ball. Either I jump too early or too late, don't jump at all, open my mouth too early or too late, or don't open it at all.

I also have problems watching the ball when she throws it. Today mommy had me follow the ball with my eyes as she held it and moved it around. Then she tried throwing it hoping I'd learned to watch where it goes. No such luck. I just run and hope I go in the direction of where she threw the ball. If not, I just stand there looking around until I find it and then run after it again.

17 August 2006

I Guess I Asked For This

There are days when mommy is constantly harping on me to stop doing things. "IZZIE GET OFF" has become my nickname (well if she wouldn't eat at the computer desk I wouldn't spend so much time and energy trying to get up there). Emptying the trash can without me trying to get in it has become quite the chore for mommy.In fact, keeping me out of it at any time has become such a hassle she had to create a new, elevated place for the can.

Today, she decided to let me in.

The experience didn't exactly live up to my expectations.

13 August 2006

Rainy Days and Saturdays

Mommy had me all ready for our walk this morning, but we looked out the window and dang if it wasn't raining. What is a harnessed-and-ready dog to do while waiting for the rain to stop?

First I tried to pass the time by playing.

Then mommy caught me lying down under the desk (yes, that's my nose under there)

Then I settled for just sitting and waiting.

We did get to go to the park, finally. It sprinkled just a tad the whole time, but that's better than being hot. When we got home and I dried off mommy had some pretty serious cleaning to do.

12 August 2006

He Who Has the Most Toys

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11 August 2006

Hide and Seek

Earlier mommy started going from room to room looking for something. First, she looked in the dining room.

Then she loooked on the couch.

Then, the bedroom.Finally it dawned on me: She was looking in all of my favorite places to be! She was looking for ME! All she had to do is look at my newest favorite spot:

I like it better when the chair is up near the computer desk, but mommy's learned not to leave the chair without pulling it away from the desk first (she tends to eat there, so I like to look for crumbs. Or paper. Or pencils, or ... well, you get the idea). Speaking of ideas, mommy warned be to beware of things to come:

Anybody care to guess what she's talking about? All I know is that she was looking at the tv when she said it!

08 August 2006

Just Call Me Snoopy

I'm worried about mommy. She called me Snoopy just now.

Staring Contest

The other day mommy took me to Aunt Mel's home to meet her Schnauzer, Scooter. Mommy was a little worried at first that we wouldn't get along, but as usual I proved her wrong. She's not stupid, but she worries too much. Here's a picture of us staring each other down. Too bad Scooter is hard to see (NOT! ;) ).

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06 August 2006

Dog Day Afternoon

Need a word be said?

05 August 2006

How Much is That Doggie in the (Computer) Window

I even bark at pictures of myself.

04 August 2006

Brainless Fun

Mom and I had a great time at the park today. She's trying to teach me how to play with the other dogs we meet there, but, though I like to walk around with them, I'd just as soon play on my own. Mom and I have been working on the "Stay" and "Come" commands. Mommy said I'm doing great!

While mommy was in th shower, I kinda knocked over a lamp and broke the bulb. Luckily she got to me before I ate that big piece of glass. That's what she gets for not putting the food in the Kong ball before getting in the shower. She should have known that if she wasn't going to give me something to do she should have put me in the crate.

After the morning naps, I played a bit with the Kong dumbbell.

02 August 2006

My First Month with Mommy

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