27 September 2007

Dance Re-Post

Star in Your Own JibJab! It's Free!
Due to a blogging mishap, mama had to delete the Dance Mama Dance video. But she re-did it!

23 September 2007

This Is Me ...

Before Mama took me to the groomers today.
This is me After Mama took me to the groomer's today.This is me After I knocked over the tupperware bowl full of grapes that mama had just finished de-vining.

I never saw mama move so fast to pick me up ever! Apparently grapes are not good for dogs!

17 September 2007


Mama said that if she'd have waited a little longer to name me, and if I were a girl, she'd have named me Twiggy. That's because, she said, I love to gnaw on the twigs in the ground that used to be a dwarf orange pittosporum bush before she cut it down to twigs (it died). Well, all I can say now is, "phooey". Why, you ask? Because after a rainstorm yesterday, she finally managed to dig the thing completely out of the ground. Do you think she saved it for me? NOOOOOoooo! She threw it aWAY! She has a picture of me saying good-bye to it, but for some reason it won't download from the camera. It's just as well. It's too painful for me to look at, anyway.

14 September 2007

Funny Stuff, New Stuff

Mama doesn't have a doggy-cam in the house, or else she'd have a really funny video to share. While she was at work today, grandpa did his laundry. He brought the basket in from the dryer and put it on his bed. Then he made the mistake of leaving the room for a minute. He also made the bigger mistake of leaving the door open. When he came back, I was inside the laundry basket with a sock hanging from one side of my mouth and a t-shirt hanging from the other side. Grandpa laughed and laughed and laughed! Mama didn't believe him: "How is it the basket didn't fall over when he tried to get in?" She can believe what she wants; grandpa and I know what we know!

While we don't have any new pictures to show tonight, we do have some new things on my blog. Take a look to the right and you'll see a "Dogs with Blogs" Calendar and a "Paw It Forward" button. Every time you click on the "Next Blog" button, you go to a different blog registered with Dogs With Blogs (DWB). Mama found that site earlier this week and has been having fun with it ever since. She was telling a friend about my blog and about the Dogs With Blogs registry. Her friend told her she was being obsessive. She said "Yeah, me and 600 + other dog-bloggers!".

13 September 2007

Playing One Second ...

The other toy mama bought at Petsmart is a Flexa Foam Toy. It's the only squeaky toy I've yet to destroy! Mama is always surprised at how I'll be happily playing one second....
And lazily zonking out the next ...

09 September 2007

Anatomy of Pool Time

After mama watched the Buffalo Bills lose their first regular season game in the final second (literally), she wasn't a happy camper. But I was glad the game was over, because that meant it was Izzie time. Mama brought my swimmig pool back out of the garage (she put it in there during the monsoon season because it was attracting too many mosquitos). She cleaned it out and filled it up. Below is the anatomy of Izzie Playing in his Pool.First, here I am going in after the ball that mama threw in there.

Then I make my turn after picking up the ball.

Third, I run back with the ball (this one's a little blurry 'cuz Mama I ran back too fast to keep me in the frame!).

Finally, I decide even with the water so readily available, it's too hot and I go to the door to be let in.

08 September 2007

In Keeping With the Season

Mama went to Petsmart today. She didn't take me with her, which means I didn't have to endure a grooming (though she did give me a bath this morning after our trip to the park). Anyway, she bought me a new toy today. Actually, she bought me two toys, but this one, she said, is special.It's in the shape of a football! It's special, she said, because she loves me even more than she loves football, and she wanted me to have something so I could share in the experience.

If you look closely at the picture on the left (you can click on the picture to make it bigger), you can see that she stuck a kibble of my food into it. That's how, mama says, I can get a "taste" of her favorite sport! Get it?

02 September 2007


You might remember quite a while back mama posted a picture of me inside the trash can, into which I was constantly trying to get. In case you've forgotten, here is the picture:
Well, believe it or not, I still try to get into the trash can (on my own, not when mama put me in there for a picture) every chance I get. Mama's tried everything, from training me with treats when I walked away from it after she'd say "leave it", to putting it on a chair in the corner, to spending over forty bucks on a stainless steel trash can with a tighter lid, and keeping it outside, finally giving in and just putting it on the counter where I couldn't reach it.

Today she tried to put it back on the chair. Ha! I still haven't outgrown my taste for trash! I thought "I'll show you, mama". So I jumped back up. All I can say now is, "Whaaaaaaaa??????

I'm not sure what that stretchy cord thing is, but I don't like it. No, I don't like this one bit.

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