30 December 2009


Mama gave up buying me stuffies a long time ago, since I get them opened and stuffing out withing seconds. Literally.  I guess Santa didn't know this, cuz look what he brought me for Christmas:

Aren't they cute?  But don't they look kinda, well, odd for stuffies?  That's because only their heads are stuffed!  Who ever heard of stuffingless stuffies? What fun are they??????? 

Well, actually, I'm learning that they are VERY fun.  See, instead of stuffing their bodies, they added more squeakers.  SIXTEEN to be exact. Yup. The bodies are made up of 16 squeakers: One in each "square" of  their bodies.  I wonder why mama only lets me have them for a few minutes at a time?

That took me all of ... oh... 30 seconds?  But mama found ways for me to have fun with them and make them last a bit longer.  She throws one, and when I get it she throws the other in the opposite direction so I drop the one and chase the other, and so on....at the end she gives me just a few minutes to chew on them...

Then last night she took me to Petsmart and we bought yet a different kind of stuffie:

She didn't get a good pic of this without me chomping on it, but it's a squirrel.  What's so different about this stuffie?

This one opens at the bottom and then i nside is another pouch that has the squeaker. So instead of having stuffing stuffed in it that I can eat, it has a fuzzy pouch that gives me more to chew on.  And there are 10 replacement squeakers that mama can use for when one loses it's squeak!

I hope you all had a great Christmas and a great New Year! I'll leave you with a cute, albeit dark, video of me discovering the gifts Santa left me!

06 December 2009

Dear Santa Tri-Dux

I hope you're not tired of my seasonal re-prints, but there is still a great need for awareness, so here's my second topic for re-posti;ng.

Dear Santa:

Mama wants me to write a letter to you saying what I want for Christmas. I really just want to eat all 37 of her nutcrackers (most of them have furry stuff somewhere on them, and they ‘re all made of wood, which I also like to eat).

Seriously, I just want people to be more responsible doggie owners. I don’t want anyone anywhere anytime ever to think it’s okay to hit a dog (I wasn’t hit, but I know many dogs are) so I want anyone who doesn’t understand dogs to not have a dog until they do.

I don’t want anyone anywhere anytime ever to think it’s okay to get a dog for someone as a present only to not spend time with him/her. Or to give him/her away when they realize how much work we dogs can be.

I don’t want anyone anywhere anytime ever to think it’s okay to hoard a dog, thinking they are doing the dog a favor and providing a good home by keeping him/her in a crate all day, never letting him/her out to go potty, to eat, to socialize or to exercise. I was done no favors by the person who hoarded me; I ended up with an intestinal disease and afraid of a lot of things. I want people who hoard dogs (and other things) to get help for themselves instead of trying to help the dogs.

I don’t want anyone anywhere anytime ever to think it’s okay to ignore a dog, never playing with her/him, never talking to him/her, only treating her/him like an object not to be cared about.

I don’t want anyone anywhere anytime ever to think it’s okay to let their dog run loose without training, without supervision, in places where dogs have no business running loose.

I don’t want anyone anywhere anytime ever to not spay or neuter their dogs unless they are planning on being responsible breeders that are kind to all dogs, even the runts. And mama thinks that breeders shouldn't breed until there are enough buyers in line to buy the puppies. Good things are worth the wait!

I don’t want anyone anywhere anytime ever to train dogs to fight without reason, as a football player did and I know others do. I don’t want any dog to be trained to be aggressive or to be mean. I’m not considering police dogs and others like them in this group; they are trained to use force when needed to stop bad guys/gals, but they’re also trained to stop when the humans can take over.

I don’t want anyone anywhere anytime ever to donate food to the poor without donating food for their pets. I don’t want anyone anywhere anytime ever to judge a poor person with a pet as irresponsible; people never can know why poor people became poor. Maybe they had pets before they became poor. Maybe one day they’ll be poor too and what will happen to their pets? I hope it never happens, but it could. So Santa, I want people to remember pets when donating to worthy causes.

On the same note, I don’t want anyone anywhere anytime ever to put getting a pet over feeding their children. It may make the children happy for a while, but it won’t feed them and it won’t help the pet when they can’t feed them.

Santa, I just want all pets everywhere all the time to be loved and respected and treated like one of the family.

In fact, I can honestly say I want that for all animals, humans included.

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