18 August 2007

Don't Forget Me, Mama!

Early this morning mama took that camera thing outside and started taking pictures of the weeds growing in the gravel. It was really odd, since she's only taken pictures of me before. I think she forgot about me! I couldn't have that, so I ran over and jumped into the picture just in the nick of time.

If only I'd known then that she was trying to take pictures of the weeds to take to a nursery so they can help her identify them and figure out how to kill them for good, I might have continued to get in the way of her taking more pictures. After all, I think the weeds are yummy and I like having them there!

05 August 2007

Take Me With You!

Mama dragged that case thing back out again on Friday morning. Knowing what that meant, I tried to let her know exactly how I felt about it.At least I had fun at Scooter's house. Mel wasn't too happy with the mess I'd made in the crate on Friday, though (mama forgot to give me the meds that helps me control things from the back end). But I think she still likes me, because she took really good care of me!

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