12 April 2009

The New Toy Video!

Here's the video of me playing with the new toy(s) mama bought for me. First I have to get the Kong ball out of the blue tube, then I have to get the kibble out of the ball! That is actually the hard part; I usually need mama to help me with it because the little piece of biscuit she puts in the hole tends to move too far into the ball and I can't reach it then!

06 April 2009

The Ultimate Food Stuffable Toy?

Mama came home from work today in a really crabby mood. She seemed okay at first, but for some reason got real mad at me after I knocked the bowl of lettuce on the floor. I mean REAL mad. She picked me up and put me in my crate, she was that mad at me. You'd think she'd be proud of my jumping abilities; I mean how many small dogs like me do you know that can jump from a dead stop up to and half way across the counter to reach a salad bowl? Luckily the bowl was plastic and not glass.

Anyway, after she calmed down (about two hours later!) she pulled out this toy thingie. At first it doesn't look like much: Just a blue rubbery tube thingie.
But really it is something super special, because inside the blue rubbery tube thingie is a red Kong ball with two small holes, one on either side. Inside the red Kong ball with two small holes, mama put a little piece of biscuit! She then pushed the red Kong ball into the blue rubbery tube thingie and let me at it!
She'll get a video of me playing with it posted soon. She promises! In the meantime, how could I help but give her a good pose after she found such a fun toy!

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