16 June 2007

Beddie Bye

This is my bed before I got my paws on it.This is my bed after I got my paws on it.
After all that, I decided maybe I didn't want a nap after all.Perhaps I'll just sprawl out on the floor.

10 June 2007

Cozying Up

Boy did mama make life hard for me today! She knows very well that I like to nap in closed-in, cozy places, like on my blanket, or in my crate, or in the corner of the couch. Well, this afternoon, she had taken my crate out of her room along with my blanket. To make things worse, she took her blanket out of the room, too, so she could wash it. So when she was lying on the bed watching tv, I had nothing to cozy up on. But I wanted to be in the room with mama, so I had to make do.

09 June 2007

Heat Comes, Hair Goes

Mama took me to the groomers A-GAIN! But she says that this is the best cut I've ever had. What do you think?

We were outside this afternoon just hanging out. I really hate the groomers, and I hate the car even more (it makes me sick). To show mama but good, I looked for a little grooming-destructive behaviors to engage in.

First, I decided to hunt in the bushes. If you look closely, you'll see a black blob. That's me :)You can click on each picture to get a close-up view).

Then I decided to go for a swim.
Then, to show it was all in fun, I just sat nice and pretty.
I think she forgave me in the end. Otherwise, she wouldn't have offered me a treat toy.

03 June 2007

Fuzzy Wuzzy

First mama washed her car.
Then mama washed ME.
Then mama washed my crate.
And in the process of all that, she washed herself, too!

Mama thinks I'm cute when I'm fuzzy. What do you think?

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