31 December 2007

Look! It's ME! In 3-D!!!

I showed you all my Christmas pressies. Now it's time to tell you what mama got: A new camera! The other one worked okay, but I kinda ate it. She managed to salvage it for a little while, but the battery door was broken so it was really hard to use it. I felt so bad I asked Santa Paws to bring her a new one. And bring her one he did! And guess what? It has a video feature!

Of course, the video thing is only good because now she can show the world how cute I am in THREE-D! She can't quite figure out why it got blurry in the upload, though. This was her very first attempt at videoing (with me as the subject, of course), so please parden the amateur-ity of it all.

And this next one (be patient, there's some dead space in this one) shows how I deal with someone trying to take my toy away. Don't worry, it's not violent.

Oh, and if you're wondering, the toy I'm playing with is one of the Flexa-Foam toys mama loves so much (since some of them last longer than 5 minutes in my mouth).

29 December 2007

New Coat????

Mama's had some time off work here and there during the holidays. She's taken advantage of it by taking me to the park near where we used to live. Even though it's further away and means more time in the car, I have buddies there and mama says I do much better at that park than the one close to our house. But it was cold this morning. Yes, it does get cold sometimes in Tucson. It was below thirty the past few nights! So this morning, before going to the park, mama ran to the store and bought me a coat to help keep me warm (especially in the car, since she has to leave the window open a little bit to help prevent me from getting car sick). Mama says she's not much into dog clothes, but she does think coats or sweaters can be good.
What do you think? Mama was hoping for a green or brown coat, but all she could find was red. Well, she said there were plenty of "fru fru" coats for girl dogs. But she said the red would have to do. I don't look fru fru, do I? It sure did help keep me warm in the car!

28 December 2007

Pawsome Post #2

It's time for another installment of my Pawsome Posts! This is where I get to spotlight someone else's blog! I hope you like this installment.
This is Helios over at Herbiesphere (http://www.herbiegr.blogspot.com/ ). I chose Helios because this was his FIRST CHRISTMAS! He is so handsome. Mama thinks this is a precious picture of him (but not quite as precious as any of my pictures, I must add). It looks like he had a grand time on his first holiday! Go check out his blog. There are a lot more pictures on it!

25 December 2007

Merry Christmas!

Wow! Christmas is FUN. Even if mama had to dig gift wrap out of my mouth every two seconds!

She should have given me the egg thingie last, though. I was kinda too focused on that at first.

But eventually I got over it.

Of course, then she had to get something to put all my new toys in, didn't she? I wonder what was in that big package up there?A new DOG BED! Mama says it's an orthopedic bed, to help prevent me from having joint problems later in life. What's this, you ask? Santa Paws brings me a new dog bed and I revert to my old raggedy blanket? Don't worry, mama knows how attached I am to that blanket. She wrapped the new bed in the blanket. She thinks that will help me adjust to the change.

I hope you all had as great a Christmas as I did.

23 December 2007

My First Award!

Abby and Rosie gave me a Friend award! Can you believe it? ME? An AWARD? I feel so special, I have to pass it on, so I will give it to:

The Dogs of Jackman Ave
Five Happy Hounds, including Thrawn, because we must never forget old friends, either. Thus I'm also giving to to Addy who crossed the bridge earlier this week.
Sitka and Tia

I really think all my doggie buddies should get the award, but I have to leave some available for others to give it to!

Oh Boy! Oh Boy! Oh Boy! OH BOY!

And it's ALL for ME! (Mama says it *should* be under the tree, but she knows I'd NEVER be able to contain myself until Christmas morning!). I can't WAIT!

21 December 2007

Check out Beastie!

Mama works at a Children's Clinic and she said that sometimes they have therapy animals come by to say hello to the kids. She thinks it's real neat. Check out Beastie the French Bulldog at http://www.beastro.us/. Mama says she's really cute.

Mama also says that while she'd love for me to be a therapy dog, she realizes that *I'm* the one who needs therapy!

Personally, I think she's the one who needs it!

19 December 2007

Goodbye, Addy

Aunt Donna and Uncle Joe had to help their adopted Greyhound Addy to the Rainbow Bridge on Monday. Addy was diagnosed with cancer in June of 2005. The cancer was in her jaw and was inoperable. She wasn't ready to go, though and lived another 2 and one half years after the diagnosis! She was so strong. And she was truly the epitome of "sweetheart". She will be missed.

16 December 2007

Ho! Ho! Ho!

I stopped shaking long enough to have this picture snapped. Merry Christmas!

Pawsome Post #1

I promised you all a little while ago that was going to start featuring blogs from the Dogs With Blogs Calendar, so here is my first feature!

Today I was browsing through some of the DWB sites that are on the calendar and came across The Kapp Pack. I wanted this to be my first feature because, first of all, it's a really cool site. Secondly, they live in Central Pennsylvania, and my mama is doing a lot of research on her family in North Eastern Pennsylvania (even though we're in Arizona). Thirdly, I wanted to show mama that I'm trying not to be afraid of big dogs. We'll see what happens when we go to Petsmart in a few minutes to get my picture taken with Santa!

Anyway, The Kapp Pack is made up of Kelsey, Sky and Canyon. I think you'd like the Kapp Pack so head over and join the fun! Their pictures are below (apparently, Canyon has recently been allowed to be uncrated when the bipeds aren't home. Lucky him. My mama still crates me when no one's home. Perhaps if I were to stop eating remotes and light bulbs and screws.....

15 December 2007

Merry Christmas

Mama saw this video on the Dogs With Blogs Site and fell in love with it. She wanted me to share it with you all. I agreed, 'cuz I think it's a cool video, too. Thanks to Pappy for making it!

14 December 2007

In Memory Of Thrawn

Today my heart goes out to the The Brat Pack for the loss of Thrawn of Five Happy Hounds. Thrawn lost his health battles yesterday. I really don't know what to say, except I'm so sorry.

08 December 2007

Mama's Bridge Dogs

Mama was looking through some old photos today and found some pictures of her dogs while growing up.This was Skipper, an Irish Setter, Golden Retriever and Collie mix. WOW he was a big dog! Mama said he was very nice and friendly, though. Except to Michael on the other street, but he kept teasing Skipper by poking a branch near his face. This was Pepe, a French Poodle. Mama said this was the most difficult dog she'd ever had. They had to give him up because this is one dog they couldn't train: he was apparently food and toy aggressive (and he made everything his toy), and he bit mama once, and he scratched and bit through two solid wood doors! Mama says she's sad sometimes that they couldn't keep him, but he was just too tough for her family to deal with.
This is Mandy, who mama says her brother brought home one day when he found out her owner was going to shoot her! Can you imagine??????? Mama says she was a really good dog, like Skipper was and like I am. She says she'd play hide and seek with Mandy, who'd stay until called while mama went off and hid in the house. She tried to teach me that, but I can't stay quite that long just yet. She taught Mandy to speak, too, just like she taught me! She says I'd have really liked Mandy.
Here's two other pictures of Mandy. She wants to send a challenge to all the dog bloggers: Can you give mama ideas about what type of dog she was? The schools of thought were: Lab/Greyhound. She has the black color of a lab, and a swoop-like shape like a greyhound. But she hated water. She was a very fast runner, mama says. But mama thought maybe part Greyhound and part German Shorthair Pointer, cuz mama says her coat kinda had a Pointer-ish texture and when she treed birds she had the stereotypical pointer stance, with tail up in the air and one front paw bent at the knee. (You can click on the pictures to make them bigger).

Finally, mama's favorite picture of Skipper and Mandy together: She says poor Skipper was an old man by this time, and Mandy a young kid. She says it looks like Mandy's saying "Come On, Brother, let's PLAY" and Skipper's saying "oh DOG I'm too old for this".

That's exactly what it looks like, isn't it? I think I would have liked these dogs. Even if they were bigger than me! (I probably would have liked Pepe, too).

07 December 2007

It's Here! It's Here! It's Really, Really HERE!

The 2008 Dogs With Blogs Calendar is here! And above you will see my entry into the calendar, in the month of October! Way Cool! Now, get yourself over to The Cafe Press and buy one for yourself. Remember, the proceeds go to Doggy Rescue.

I think for the next several posts, I'll share a new blog link or two from the calendar. Each of the 72 pictures also has the blog address. It looks like I have a lot of new friends to meet!

04 December 2007

Do You Remember This Picture?

This was me after I got into mischief by jumping up against the cupboard and knocking over a tub of flour from the counter.

Mama doesn't have a picture of just how naughty I was today. Grandpa spoiled everything and told her all about it. First, grandpa fell asleep on the chair and left the tv remote on the armchair. BIG mistake. He woke up, left the room for a minute, and came back to find I'd eaten the top off the remote and broke it. I didn't eat the big chunk I took off it, and grandpa had to dig smaller pieces out of my mouth. Mama said at least I didn't eat the batteries!

Then I somehow got hold of one of mama's nutcrackers and started eating it. Grandpa got that away from me pretty quick.

Then I managed to scatter mama's Christmas cards all over the kitchen floor. Grandpa got to those before I ate them, too.

All mama could do when she got home and heard this tale was stand there and stare at me. At first when grandpa told her I'd been naughty she immediately looked to the floor; usually when grandpa says I'd been naughty, it means I spilled his coffee or coke on the carpet. Then she just stared at me.

I heard her tell grandpa that the worst thing about the whole situation is that she can't even scold me now, cuz she knows the whold day is gone from my memory now!

02 December 2007

It's Out! It's Out! It's Really, Really Out!

It's the Dogs With Blogs Calendar! And it's OUT. You can buy one NOW at The Cafe Press.
I can give you one good reason to buy it NOW (other than the fact that *I'm* in it!): Profits go to a doggy rescue! Many thanks to Greg, Brooke, Opy and Charles for all the work they put into this!

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