31 January 2007

Oh Boy! Oh Boy! Oh Boy! Oh Boy!

Thanks, Linda Marie!

27 January 2007


20 January 2007

Public Game of Tag

Mama saw this post on our friend Donna's website and decided to have me fill one out. Since I can't type, I told her what to say ;).

ABC's of me...
A - available or taken: Taken, by my mama, who wants to be taken!

B- best friend: Mama. And all of her best friends, which she can't choose between.
C- cake or pie:
I can't have anything but my prescription hypoallergenic food :(
D- drink of choice: Water. Oh that strawberry shake I wasn't supposed to have was pretty good!
E-essential item you use everyday: the back yard!
F-favorite color: Black, of course. Though mama tried to get me to say maroon-ish and dark green ...
G-gummy bears or worms: No self-respecting dog would choose worms.

H-hometown: Tucson Az. Mama said she'd love to take me to her hometown of Niagara Falls, NY. She thinks I'd love the snow!
I-indulgence: Haircut at a real salon. Odd, mama said that was hers too.
J-January or February: January since that's when mama was born!
K-kid's names: Someone made sure I couldn't have any!
L-life incomplete without: mama. and grandpa, now, too.
M-marriage date: I'm too afraid of other dogs to be married to one.
N-number of siblings: I don't know, but the rescue group told mama that some lady once hoarded me with 55 other dogs. I guess they could be considered my siblings.

O-oranges or apples: Well, mama got mad when I knocked over the tv tray with her orange juice on it, so if I could eat either I'd probably say apples. Mama prefers oranges, though.
P-phobias or fears: BIG DOGS and kids who run up to me. Mama is terrified of flying and isn't crazy about closed in spaces, either.
Q-favorite quote: I like my mama's favorite quote: AAAAAAAAAACCCCCCCCK!
R-reason to smile: My mama.

S-season: Anytime when the grass is green and edible.
T-tag 3 people: Anyone who wants to play, add a note in the comments
U-unknown fact about me: there's nothing unknown about me; mama puts everying I do on this blog!

V-veggie I don't like: Haven't found one yet, though mama says I wouldn't like cauliflower.
W-worst habit: Mama insisted on answering this one for me:jumping up on anything that has even the faintest scent of food!
X-xrays: Ultrasounds and CTscans...the one that found the screw in my gut.

Y-your favorite food: Royal Canin Hypoallergenic
Z-zodiac: Mama thinks it's either Taurus or Gemini, since the rescue group said I was 8 months old when they got me in January, which means I was probably born sometime in May. Mama says she's using May 13 since that will be her first "Mother's" Day :). So that would make me a Taurus.

11 January 2007

So Much for the New 'Do

Grandpa made a big mistake yesterday. He left a can of a strawberry shake on the coffee table when he left the room. Of course I managed to tip it over, and of course it tipped over right above where I was standing.

But don't worry. I fared better than the carpet.

07 January 2007

New Year, New Do!

What do you think of my new 'do?

06 January 2007

Look Ma, No Leash!

Get a load of this! I'm in the park without a leash! Or am I? Yes, there's definitely no leash attached to me. But wait! I'm not at the park! I'm in my own back yard! Which is fenced in, which is why I don't need to have a leash on!

I've had a whirlwind of activity over the past few weeks. One day there were a couple of people coming in and out of mama and my apartment, taking things out until it was empty! Then they put everything into a new place that looked like this:

Then the next day mama took me on a long car ride and we spent some time in a different house ... with a CAT! I was actually okay with the cat, but she seemed a little leery of me. But she got used to me and we never did come to blows! Which is good, because Leah really is a sweetie.

When we came home, mama took me back to the same house again and this time, we stayed. She's so proud of me because I've only had one accident in the new house! And that was because she wasn't paying attention to me when I was sitting by the door.

Here are some pictures of the new place.

The last picture doesn't do the mountains justice at all. But we do have a nice glimpse of them from the street and even from our back yard!

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