29 November 2006

The Morning After

Well, this week mama brought me to "that" place again. That place where there are lots of dogs and cats that don't look happy, has lines of cages, and lots of people in scrubs. They call it a Vet Specialty Center. I call it a hospital.

Mama brought me in on Monday afternoon and LEFT ME!. They gave me something horrible to make me spend most of the night pooping. Fun. Yeah. Right.
Yesterday I don't remember much. I remember waking up and not being fed. I remember being brought into some room. Next thing I knew I was back in my cage feeling groggy and not very good at all. Later last evening mama came back and took me home.

She told me the vet had to do a special test called an endoscope. I wish she hadn't told me that what they did during the time I can't remember was stick some "scope" down my throat and up my butt to get something called "biopsies" of my intestines. She says that they had to do that to find out why I always have diarrhea if I'm not on meds. They should know the reason by the end of the week, she said, but they think I have something called Inflammatory Bowel Disease. I don't really know what that means, but mama says if it is that it's treatable and I should stop pooping all the time.

When I got home last night I did eat a little bit, and slept a lot. Mama says that it was about 3:30 in the morning when I was up and playful, showing signs of my normal self again. Today I feel normal. Take a look. Don't I look normal?

26 November 2006


Mama made a delicious dinner for herself. Pork chops. Au Gratin Potatos. Dinner Rolls. Salad.

All she made for me was a bowl of dog food.

But don't worry. When she got off her chair to get something I got on the chair and grabbed myself a mouthful of Au Gratin Potatos.


23 November 2006

What is going on?

First my mama decorated the house. And what's with all those nutcracker things? THERE AREN'T ANY NUTS IN THEM!

When she finished decorating the house, she decorated ME!

20 November 2006

Mo-om, I'm BORED

15 November 2006


Hi folks! This is Izzie's mama. I know you were looking forward to another post by Izzie tonight, but I don't think he's going to get to it. He spent his entire evening playing and running in the living room with his spongy ball. I was tired just watching him, praying he'd settle down at any second. He finally did, but it doesn't look like he's going to have any creative juices left to post.

12 November 2006

Game Day

It's Game Day on TV and in my own living room! Mama's watching football while also playing with me! Just look at all the toys I have! Mama said I'd have a ton more toys if I wasn't such a destructive chewer! I can tear apart a stuffed toy in minutes. That wouldn't be so bad, says mama, if I didn't EAT the stuffing! But I have lots of fun with the more sturdy toys, too.

The toy on the right -- the green one with the multi-colored slots -- is a fun one! Mama puts kibbles of my food in the 4 slots and I get to dig them out!

And these last two are just pictures of me sitting pretty as I waited to start playing! Mama is so proud of my coat. She says it's twice as shiny as it was when she first got me!

09 November 2006

Mama and Me

Ever wonder what my mama looks like? I'm a little miffed. You can hardly see me! But that's okay given that I have center stage in most all of the other pictures on this blog!

07 November 2006

A Big Lead

Mama decided that I was ready for a longer lead, so she bought me a retractable leash! I really like it! Look how far I can go! I don't feel so "tied up" with this one.
But what's the point of a nice long lead if she won't let me use it all up?

05 November 2006


I really love my mama, but sometimes she can be so stupid. Today she brought home yet another food dish set. Only this one was supposed to solve the problem as to where to store my food. You see, the bottom part of the dish stand is a basin in which to store up to 20 pounds of dry dog food.
After all this time and all my scavenging, you'd think she'd have been able to figure out before buying it that I'd find a way to get to the "bottom" of the dish!

01 November 2006

Not THIS Again!

Does this fencing look familiar? I thought mommy had given up on fencing me in. I have to say, though, that this is the first time she tried to fence me in outside! I'm not really sure why she brought the fencing back. She said something about finding it at a garage sale over the weekend dirt cheap. I don't know about cheap, but it sure is dirty!

I bet you can guess that I wasn't crazy about the fencing outside anymore than I was inside. Don't worry, though. Mommy knows I can jump over it if I really wanted out, so she promised to keep a close eye on me when using it. Not sure when that'll be, though. She already put the fencing away!.
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