29 April 2007

Ha! Ha! Ha! Beautiful Sunday

What better thing to do on a Sunday afternoon than take a nap? Mama caught me tucked away in the couch today and couldn't resist getting that picture-taking contraption out again!

24 April 2007

My Favorite Things

Playing with my toys and messing up my bed.

Watching the t.v. and playing again.

Keeping any eye out for all that life brings.

These are a few of my favorite things.

14 April 2007

Summer 'Do

Mama took me to that grooming place again. She said it was time for my summer haircut (I know many of you are still dealing with winter, but it's getting warmer here!). She had the groomer use a prescription formula shampoo since I've been itching a lot. I feel so much better!

But what's with all that gray-ish hair on my body?????

01 April 2007

What the Heck?

I wonder what that thing in the grass is?
Let me get a little closer.

Well, maybe not!

Look what it's done to my ears, mama!

What are you laughing at, mama?

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