28 August 2008

I Knew Something Was Off

This has been a weird week. First, Mama hasn't gone to work all week. Which is actually a good thing, since she's been home with me all week. She wasn't sick, either. She said it is just a "staycation" whatever that means.

Second, I found myself all cozying up during the day time:
On Grandpa's chair! What's so odd about this? Usually GRANDPA's in the chair. Mama said he just went out of town for a bit and will be back soon.

Then today I noticed that the floor in the bedroom was all wet.

And the hallway, too. Mama blocked off the areas so we couldn't trample all over the newly cleaned carpets (mama said the carpet cleaner said the hall was fairly saturated with old pet urine, which is odd since I haven't peed in the house since we lived in the apartment. Mama knew something was there, though, as it smelled like Petsmart since right after it was cleaned the first time. This time she had them do pet odor removal).Then my blanket that covers my bed disappeared and came back smelling all clean and everything.
Oh don't worry, folks -- it ain't over yet. THEN mama took apart both my crates and lined them up outside. See the white bottle in the red top? That's my shampoo, which is something called a hypoallergenic shampoo. Mama said it made no sense to wash the crates out with something not meant to stop itching, so she used the same shampoo to wash out the crates that she uses to washo off ME.

Not the blue collar! OHHH NOOOOOooooooo! Oh please, mama, NOT the BLUE COLLAR!

In case you didn't know, the blue collar means one thing and one thing only:
Yup. She finished off the day by washing ME!

26 August 2008

A Good Time Worth Arooooing For!

Did you all have as much fun in the Paw-Lympics as I did? I thought it was a BLAST. I want to send something extra special to Lenny for all his and his family's work putting it all together!

21 August 2008


Notice how mama made me put the title of this post in ALL CAPS? That's because she says this post is VERY important and she wants dog owners everywhere to hear this horrible story. She also says to warn you that that link takes you to a story that is very sad and also very maddening.

THE CHAI STORY <--------- Click on THAT

So, dog owners and lovers: Be SURE that all your dogs' toys that are hollow inside with holes have more than ONE hole!

16 August 2008


WooooRoooo! I won a PAW-Limpic Medal! A BRONZE!
Guess what category?Yup! The Tongue Event!
I also got honorable mention in the Sleeping category:And the Hurdles category, even though my poles were vertical.:

There have been some great contestants in the events. Go check out Wire Wise to see all the winners and vote for your favorite runners-up! Thanks Lenny for putting all this together!

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